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The goal of Feelings and Finance is to help our participants explore the emotional issues that lead to negative financial decisions and the negative financial consequences that lead to emotional. It is necessary to identify them, explore them, in an effort to resolve them.

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We offer a range of personalized services to our clients to help them remove their blockages that allow them to more effectively manage their income.
One on One Coaching
If you need an expert to push you to the next level both in life and in your career getting a coach is for you. With solution focused and end result driven practice methods we will help you to identify patterns, hold you accountable; and make sure you actions match your end goals.
We have several curriculums we utilize to provide psycho educational support to organizations, and individuals. Our workshops are tailor made to the needs of our clients and call help increase productivity; promote self-care and development. To Hear more about these services contact us
We are excited to launch the next phase of our programs. Along with Live webinars; we will be launching our work book. To be in the know for when the workbook will be available for pre-order make sure you join our mailing list.

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